About Us

Welcome!  Lisa Miller Massage is not just a name; it is a representation of the highest quality of individualized care specializing in  Massage for people living with cancer, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Cupping Vacu-Therapies, Therapeutic massage, Acupuncture and many other modalities to meet your specific needs.   As one of the few therapists in the Memphis Mid-south area certified to do massage for cancer patients and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, I also have the pleasure of working in conjunction with other professionals such as chiropractors, personal trainers, nutritionists, naturopathic and medical doctors to ensure your optimum health.  Please take a look at LMM's wonderful services and let me know how I can assist you!  Namaste!

Lisa Miller Massage focuses on the quality of the care given to each and every individual that comes across their path.  Her business has grown steadily since 2004 and is still growing, adding Massage for people living with cancer, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Cupping Vacu-Therapy and Corporate chair massage events over the last few years. You are sure to feel like you have been thoroughly cared for when you leave your appointment!

Lisa Miller Massage is based on a holistic approach to healing the body via proper nutrition, exercise, body/mind /spirit connection, chiropractic care, Acupuncture, etc.   I firmly believe that if the body is given the proper conditions for healing, it will absolutely heal itself.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that the same stressors that put the body in the condition it is in have to be altered or removed and replaced with healthy alternatives in order to make change in the body and allow for healing.  I offer the following services and also work in connection with other professionals such as Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Personal trainers and Medical doctors in order to offer you the best opportunity for health, happiness and healing.


Maggie Garcia

My journey on the different modalities to health care started with a simple question: how do I make it better for you and me? I became a Registered Nurse and worked in the field of Oncology, Telemetry, and Womens Health. Those wonderful experiences motivated me to become a Massage Therapist. My first step was learning CranioSacral at Upledger Institute. It is fascinating to learn about the rhythm found throughout the body, especially learning how to open the flow and to assist opening the energy channels. I have also taken classes for pregnancy and infants and learned Total Body Balancing an osteopathic approach to balance and align an overly stressed body. 

My curiosity lead me to look for more since myself and dear friends were becoming sick and diagnosed with terminal illness. I received a Doctor in Philosophy (Natural Medicine) with a certification in Iridology and Holistic Health Coach. I visited India to learn Ayurveda and trained as Ayurveda Therapist. I have done Asthanga Teacher Training.

At this moment I am finishing a Diploma of Manual Osteopath Practitioner from Canada and my next step is to continue my education as (DO) Doctor in Osteopathy (Spain).

I have always had the support from my amazing family during my journey. 

Lisa Miller is a certified and licensed massage therapist LMT, and a Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist CMLDT, who graduated from the Tennessee School of Massage in 2004.  She specializes in Massage for people living with cancer and has received her MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) certification and Massage Cupping certification.  Her passion for the art of massage began long before becoming an advent student of this art.  Lisa realizes that remaining an advent student is just as important as being a practicing professional.  With her ongoing research and continued education, as well as over 12 years of experience in this field, she is well equipped to meet your therapeutic needs.

Rachael Cothran-Hardee 

Rachael  Cothran-Hardee became a Licensed Massage Therapist in March of 2015. Graduating from Tennessee School of Massage, she specializes in Relaxing Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD),and  Massage Cupping. Finding her talent in massage has become a joy and an answer to her desire to help those around her in need.